Portable MP3tag v2.6 – mp3 tag editor app for Linux / Ubuntu and other Linux distros!

Due to variety in copyrights and legal issues which differ by country to country, the support for mp3 media format by Linux too varies. Many times we need to quickly edit a mp3 music track’s album or may be singer, but there are only a few apps which can do this in linux, and even those which are able to have limited functionalities , e.g mp3 tags changed by banshee are accessible only to banshee and other music players won’t recognize them , a default answer to all the above queries is using Portable MP3tag app for linux, its basically a defacto standard app for editing mp3 tags on Windows operating systems, but we as usual forked it to linux!

Features of Portable MP3tag v2.6 free mp3 tag editor for Linux –

  • Standard all MP3 specifications tag editor for Linux.
  • Edited MP3 tags are viewable and saved to MP3 file, and thus are embedded into the mp3 data.
  • Does not corrupt the mp3 file while editing/adding new tags .
  • The edited Mp3 tags from the MP3tag are recognized by all the media playing apps and even the mobile media players!
  • Completely portable and hence require no installation/uninstallation.
  • Download Portable MP3Tag v2.6 mp3 tag editor app For Linux / Ubuntu
Portable MP3tag for linux

Instructions To Run Portable MP3 Tag editor app on Linux :

  • Download the app from the above link.
  • Simply chmod the .run file a+x, then
  • Execute with ./ in terminal,
  • Or  right click on the .run file,
  • Navigate to properties,
  • checkmark Allow Program to be run as Executable or you can simply refer the guide –
  • Guide to run Portable Linux Apps 32bit / 64 bit

Note –  Remember to use path as “Y:\” while saving the mp3 tags changes to the mp3 file!

Supported OS :

  • Linux Mint
  • Linux Distros after release after –
  • Ubuntu 11.04,
  • LinuxMint 12,
  • Fedora 13.

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