Portable AIMP3 Media Player v3.5.5 For Linux OS | Ubuntu,Fedora,LinuxMint,ArchLinux,Mageia,Cent OS etc

AIMP3 Media Player : There are No Mainstream Pure MP3 Players available for Linux at present moment, and even if they are none of them is as near awesome as AIMP3 Media Player which has been ported from Windows to Linux by us . So here’s Portable AIMP3 for Linux (Ubuntu) etc.

What is AIMP3 Media Player :

AIMP3 Media Player has been voted as music library manager. AIMP3 Media Player has been around since 2002 of its debut day. It has been improved nothing to something over the past few years. Lets overview few of the features of AIMP3 Media Player.

AIMP3 Media Player Features :

  • Its a free ware.
  • Easy and Efficient management of Playlists.
  • Best playlist creator and manager, You’ll find in MP3 player.
  • Great User Interface which is Dockable.
  • Plays in Minimised Mode with a floating toolbar.
  • Switch between tracks while browsing or doing your activity.
  • Works without having to navigate from the current window.
  • Comes with inbuilt Mp3 Codec.
  • Stereo equaliser support.
  • Portable, Requires no Installation.

Instructions To Run Portable AIMP3 Media Player :

  • Download the app from the above link.
  • Simply click on the .run file a+x and execute with ./ in terminal,
  • Or right click on the .run file.
  • Navigate to properties
  • Then, checkmark Allow Program to be run as Executable or you can simply refer the guide present at – Procedure to run Portable Linux Apps!
  • After the last step, Rest of the  instructions will come from the program itself.

Supported OS :

  • Linux Mint.
  • Linux Distros after release after –
  • Ubuntu 11.04,
  • LinuxMint 12,
  • Fedora 13,
  • ArchLinux,
  • Mageia,
  • Cent OS.

Final Words :

We have tested before putting this post on Portable AIMP3 Media Player. Portable AIMP3 Media Player has been tested on all major to minor OS, such as  Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora,ArchLinux, Mageia and Cent. All of one application, over all it has been around more than a decade, they know the taste of music lovers. They have upgraded their software and it won’t harm if you don’t download them. Its worth a try.