Portable IrfanView 4.3.7 Image Editor Software for Linux OS /Ubuntu

Linux is one of the most widely used Open Source OS but when it comes to Image editors, and viewers inbuilt image viewers and editors lack considerably to their Windows Counterparts, hence today we will have a look on one good image Processing software ported from windows to linux – IrfanView.

What is Portable IrfanView ?

IrfanView is a Image Viewer and Editor for Linux. Portable IrfanView is probably one of those softwares which got famous on their own and developed by a single individual.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Portable IrfanView Features :

  • Salient Image Viewer and Editing Software , Light on resources.
  • Supports basic and image editing functions such as changing color schema , cropping.
  • Supports Plugins a vast number of plugins are available .
  • Plugins have and add special functionality and enhancement to the Software.
  • Totally Portable for Linux, No need of installation.
  • Create faster and easily create .ico files.
  • EXIF display.
  • lossless rotation.

Download Portable IrfanView For Linux Os (Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Fedora)

Instructions To Run Portable IrfanView :

  • Download the app from the above link.
  • Simply chmod the .run file a+x,
  • Execute with ./ in terminal, then
  • Or right click on the .run file,
  • After that navigate it to properties,
  • checkmark Allow Program to be run as Executable or you can simply refer the guide — Guide to run Portable Linux Apps 32bit / 64 bit.

Supported OS :

  • Linux
  • Linux Distros released after –
  • Ubuntu 11.04
  • Linux Mint 12,
  • Fedora 13.

Note :

Portable IrfanView is a free-ware ,which has been supporting us with our needs for many years. The app itself is a trusted among its users. We have tested the application on multiple operating system, Which includes   Linux, Ubuntu 11.04 , LinuxMint 12 ,Fedora 13 and Windows. Portable IrfanView does not occupy much space and it has been improved alot over the past few years and it is worth enough to give a shot, If any encounter any problem persist during installation or after installation, make sure you contact  us by leaving a comment below.