Portable uTorrent 3.4 for Linux |Ubuntu | Linux Mint

POrtable uTorrent i the most widely used torrent client worldwide for downloading torrent contents such as music,videos,movies,games etc from the p2p network. We are back and this time we bring you the Most wanted and most awaited software for linux.Although, uTorrent is available for Linux its setup is really complex client as it works on a server and we have to access, its GUI through browser and more. Which is why we have bunded it with Portable wine client so it can be used easily.

Portable uTorrent Features :

  • Familiar Simple User Interface inherited from Whatsapp.
  • Most widely used Torrent client Now available for Linux
  • All fuctions,settings such as Changing Port Number,DHT etc are working.
  • Fast Load and fast Download.
  • Customizable skins on Portable uTorrent.
  • Remotely access to manage downloads.
  • Regular streaming uddates.
  • Freeware




Instructions To Run Portable uTorrent :

  •  Steps for installation is not required.  We use unique AppImage/ .Run format files
  • Just plug and play.


Supported OS :

  • Linux Distros after,
  • Ubuntu 11.04,
  • Linux Mint 12,
  • Fedora 15,
  • Windows.

How to Run the Portable App / Software Downloaded.?

Make sure you or all you need to do is chmod a+x or allow the .run file to be run as executable.


Final Words :

Portable uTorrent is a decent application to download faster and securely. The features present in the uTorrent is not present in any other bittorrent client. uTorrent is fully featured bittorrent client, For Linux users the software is available but it is too clumsy to drag around with it on Linux. With our unique method now you can bluehost run it smoothly without installation on multiple operating system like  Linux, Windows, Linux Mint, Fedora and Ubuntu. All of these featured app is available for free. Portable uTorrent does not require any technical knowledge to run and download files on uTorrent. Portable uTorrent is easy to use and it is a freeware application.

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