Portable SM Player 0.7.0 and SM Player 14.3.0 For Linux OS (Ubuntu / Linux Mint)

When it comes to good video, movie players Linux users are left with very less choice except for using VLC Media Player. Though VLC is a good media Player, it has some limitations and disadvantages such as it affects the Speakers of Laptops in a negative manner, Which has left many Laptop Providers stop providing hardware warranties on systems with VLC Media player installed. Linux users are left with a few other media player alternatives, but the Best Media Player among themis SM Player.

Portable SM Player Features :

  • Free ware.
  • Easy to use and Lightweight Media Player based on MPlayer.
  • Less on Hardware resources.
  • Inbuilt codecs for multiple media formats.
  • Supports all kind of local and internet online media streaming and playback.
  • Comfortable UI.
  • It supports skins and themes.
  • Zooming and changing video look.
  • Audio effects enabled.
  • It search for subtitles online.
  • Cool playlist features.
  • Youtube videos playback.

We have added two links below, Before you proceed know which version they are. First like version is 0.70 and second link is 14.3.0.

Instructions To Run Portable GOM Player :

  • Download the app from the above link.
  • Simply chmod the .run file a+x
  • Execute with ./ in terminal
  • Or right click on the .run file
  • Navigate to properties
  • Checkmark Allow Program to be run as Executable
  • or you can simply refer the guide
  • Guide to run Portable Linux Apps 32bit / 64 bit

Supported OS :

  • Linux Mint,
  • Linux Distros after release after,
  • Ubuntu 11.04,
  • LinuxMint 12,
  • Fedora 13.
  • Arch Linux.

Final Conclusion :

Portable SM Player has proved to be one of the best players , despite of the competition likes like VLC. Portable SM Player has improved through years. Portable SM Player has been tested on all major to minor OS, such as  Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora and Arch Linux. All of them have been tested and was working fine with our unique AppImage solution.

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