Notepad ++ Portable v6.5.5 For Linux | Ubuntu | Fedora OS

Notepad ++ Portable has been voted as powerful source code, which has replaced default verison of microsoft windows. Notepad ++ Portable has many advantages compare to the default version of Microsoft Windows notepad.
The default Microsoft Windows Notepad application that comes with amazing features is functional, but not efficient for advanced users. So phentermine online we have taken a major step for those who want to use it on Windows, Linux, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Fedora. This is where Notepad++  Portable comes.

Notepad++ Portable Features And Specs :

  • Supported Operating System is Windows, if you use our method you can use it on Linux OS, Linux Mint,  Ubuntu and Fedora.
  • Open Source.
  • Line Numbering With Zoom in and out option.
  • Detects Modified Files at instant.
  • Syntax Highlighting.
  • Ease of use and great Text Editor cum IDE.
  • Various Plugins can be added for enhanced functionality.
  • Implemented in light weight wine, so no need of any wine instance present on youur system.
  • No need of installation ,can be simply used directly by chmod a+x.
  • Portable and no Admin/Root Priveledges Required for Functioning.

Why Get NotePad++ Portable From TopLinuxApps ?

TopLinuxApps aim is to provide heavy windows in to Linux OS, Linux Mint, Fedora, Ubuntu. TopLinuxApps us a unique way AppImage .run formart, which does not require any installation. Once you download the file provided by TopLinuxapps, you can simply plug it and play.

After finishing downloading Notepad++ portable , Run the app and follow the steps given by the app.

Final Conclusion :

All of the apps have been tested personally to ensure each consumer satisfaction. Notepad++ portable has been tested on multiple OS like all Linux Distros release after Ubuntu 11.04, Liux Mint 12 , Fedora 17.

In person, I consider Notepad++ to be a “must have”  App Ultimately, the product has wide range of benefits of the various features in Notepad++ , and the software is absolutely free of cost.  It is indeed worth giving it a shot.

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