Portable Hexplorer-easy Hex Viewer/editor for Ubuntu/Linux

There comes many a times when we need to view object codes or binary files, and even edit them, but as they being compiled on other source and we not having the source code for them, it becomes difficult for us to even make minor changes to them , it is then when utilities such as Hexplorer comes in handy.

Portable Hexplorer Features :

  • HexViewer and HexEditor which can be used for viewing / editing Files.
  • Extremely Powerful and necessary to make changes to binaries
  • We can easily make minor changes or tweaks to it.
  • Totally Portable and No Need of Installation.
  • For uninstallation, simply delete the .run file and the app is uninstalled :).

Instructions To Run Portable Hexplorer :

Supported OS :

  • Linux Distros after release after,
  • Ubuntu 11.04,
  • LinuxMint 12,
  • Fedora 13,
  • Arch Linux.

Final Words :

We have tested before putting this post on Hexplorer . Portable Hexplorer has been tested on all major to minor OS, such as  Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora. All of them have been tested and was working fine with our unique AppImage solution.


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