Portable Google Picasa 3 for Linux | Ubuntu |Fedora

Picasa is official image editor owned by Google Inc. Portable Google Picasa has won many users by its easy to use interface, Any one without basic knowledge of editing can edit pictures to a advance level. With picasa , you can turna a simple picture to radiant canvas. Picasa has been acquired by Google. Google recently dropped Picasa support for linux, but we’ve managed to package Picasa for linux/Ubuntu by ourselves.

Portable Google Picasa Features :

  • View stored Pictures and Images.
  • Packaged minimalist wine installation so no need of installing / uninstalling Picasa, as its completely portable simply delete the file to uninstall.
  • Apply filters like color sharpen,magic!,sepia etc to your Photos.
  • Change the colorschema of your photos such as GrayScale, fluoroscent, electric, autocolor etc.
  • You can also crop,rotate and resize photos,create a collage.
  • You can save changes made to your photos on disk or may even directly mail them.

What Makes Portable Google Picasa better?

I ain’t no expert in this case, but we all are looking for a software , which sets out in terms of features to one’s core. This software as the potential to share the images online with extraordinary features only available on premium versions of image editors. Whether you want to catch up on your photo editing skills, as a editor editing photo sand sharing with the friends and family is most valuable asserts

Additional Features :

  • Movie maker
  • Picture collage
  • Remove low quality picture
  • View photo album on timeline
  • Faces detection by group
  • Filter around with colors
  • Send or Upload files directly to FTP servers
  • Create a CD Gift
  • Soft focus
Portable Google Picasa is FREE image editor from Google, Portable Google Picasa is supports Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Linux.

Instructions To Run Portable Google Picasa :

  • Download Picasa from the above link.
  • Please make sure you read this tutorial for portable linux apps execution [ before running] or all you need to do is chmod a+x or allow the .run file to be run as executable.
  • Thats it, You’re done.

Supported OS :

  • Linux OS
  • Linux Mint
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora.

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