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Portable GIMP Image Editor : As all of you guys might be knowing Linux Distros lack a basic image processing kit/program such as MS-Paint which usually comes bundled with windows OS, but in this post we are going to look upon even better alternatives than ms-paint, its much much better and comes even with inbuilt image converter.

What is Portable GIMP Image Editor?

Portable GIMP Image Editor is one of the powerful image editor in existence. It offers major feaures at free of cost. Improved versions have improved, those who with lack of knowledge in editing.

GIMP Image Editor Features :

  • Free ware.
  • Standard Image Processing and Converting and Editing Software.
  • Supports a large variety and number of different functions.
  • Provides inbuilt conversion between image formats .ps to .jpg , .jpg to .gif, viceversa.
  • Contains all the required libraries inbuilt.
  • Requires no installation or uninstall because its portable.
  • Most powerful image editor.
  • Easy to use.
  • Improved features, which compares photoshop.
  • Updated with new features.

Instructions To Run Portable GIMP :

  • Download the app from the above link.
  • Simply chmod the .run file a+x
  • Execute with ./ in terminal
  • Or right click on the .run file
  • Navigate to properties
  • Checkmark Allow Program to be run as Executable
  • or you can simply refer the guide
  • Guide to run Portable Linux Apps 32bit / 64 bit

Supported OS :

  • Linux Mint,
  • Linux Distros after release after,
  • Ubuntu 11.04,
  • LinuxMint 12,
  • Fedora 13.
  • ArchLinux.

Final Words :

There is no doubt in saying that this application is excellent alternative for photoshop. If you want to have photoshop experience for free of cost, this is the we recommend.GIMP Image Editor is available for free of charge. Portable GIMP Image Editor has been tested on all major to minor OS, such as  Linux,Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora and ArchLinux.

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