Portable Free Download Manager for Linux (Ubuntu|Linux Mint | Fedora)

In this post we shall look into FDM – Free Download Manager which can be classified as the best IDM alternative for Linux or IDM for Linux/Ubuntu users. Recently,a lot of users have complained that they wanted to use IDM on Ubuntu as there is a real dearth of good download managers in Linux, IDM simply didn’t seem to work , We tried wine, playonlinux. Every alternative available out there but it simply didn’t boot up. then We came across this awesome app – Free Download Manager – which can be said as Best IDM alternative out there even for Windows and may be even Better.

Portable Free Download Manager Features :

  • Totally Free to use and Distribute.
  • Supports Multithreading.
  • Works on all version of Linux.
  • Resumes Broken Downloads.
  • Download acceleration.
  • Browser integration.
  • Batch downloads.
  • Requires no installation, if downloaded from TopLinuxApps


Download Portable Free Download Manager For Linux Os / Ubuntu / Linux Mint


Its Basically a Windows App, but i specifically packaged it for Linux with Portable Abilities so we can run it anywhere we want to..

Instructions To Run Portable  Free Download Manager:

  • Download the PDF file from the above link.
  • Simply chmod the .run file a+x
  • execute with ./ in terminal
  • Or right click on the .run file
  • navigate to properties
  • checkmark Allow Program to be run as Executable or you can simply refer the guide
  • GUIDE (Guide to run Portable Linux Apps 32bit / 64 bit)
  • Thats it, Your done.

Note :

If you have any problems you can visit the following guide for details.. How to run .run files downloaded from TopLinuxApps.com

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