Portable Geany 1.23 For Linux |Ubuntu |Linux Mint OS

Portable Geany is a lightweight IDE for Programmers, developer, Engineers, Regular use . Geany is probably the most light-weight and easy to use IDE one can ever find, its based on GTK 2+ , and based on my experience in my college., most colleges of our University recommend using Geany as an IDE for Programming.Features and this Portable Geany version works on all major linux distros such as Ubuntu , Linux Mint, Fedora Arch Linux etc

Salient Features of Geany IDE :

  • Lightweight IDE
  • Based on GTK 2+
  • Supports Major / all Programming Languages such as Java, Python, C, C++, Html, javascript.
  • No Need of Installation if downloaded from TopLinuxApps.
  • processing speed.
  • Works Smoothly even on an average computer or old computer.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Supports Cython, Fortran, Ada, PHP, SQL, Shell, Perl, Lua, Matlab, XML, YAML, Scala and Verilog.

Its eay to use and can be run smoothly on any average syetm. It supports more than just few major Programming Languages. For instance it has proved to Support Cython, Fortran, Ada, PHP, SQL, Shell, Perl, Lua, Matlab, XML, YAML, Scala and Verilog. Portable Geany is easy to download and install. It is much more easier to use than a regular IDE, but as well as lighter in somewhere the features is concerned.

Benefits, if Geany Downloaded From TopLinuxApps :

Geany requires installation process, which when downloaded from TopLinuxApps does not require it. Those who want to save their time in installation process, then we provide Portable Linux App, which has unique AppImage ( .run) format, which do not require installation. After download just plug and play, thats the benefit you gain from us.
Finished downloading the app, just .run the file, then further instruction will come from app itself.

Final Conclusion :

Portable Geany is an excellent app for regualr use and you have to install it in our case. Portable Geany has been Tested and passed the test. We have done mutiple test on multiple operating system, found to be working in all Linux Distros released after Ubuntu 11.04, Linux-Mint 12, Fedora 17 .