Request App – Request your Portable Apps for Linux | Ported Apps from Windows to Work on Linux Here

Hello Guys, This Post is Dedicated to all of you! Yes, You Guys! the Readers , and Visitors of the Blog are the People who Power this TopLinuxApps.Com Blog..

There might be instances for a Particular Software or an App which might not work on your Linux Distro / or An App whose Portbale Version might not have been made and you might want us to make the Portable Application for that Particular App / Software here.. So you guys can simply comment below this post and we shall try our best to make that app/Software available to you in Portable Form for your Linux Distro!

Also , you might want some applications which might be available in Windows OS to work on Linux, you can comment in the Name of the Software preferably with the download link / or the Website and we will try to Port it into Linux using our AppImage Format..

Feel free to Order your Apps from Us!

Also Guys, if you have any suggestions/ tips for improvement or any thing which you want to convey such as theme change, you can comment here !

Thank you