Portable TiCTeX – LaTeX for Linux OS | Easy LateX installation and Use for Ubuntu/Fedora/LinuxMint/Cent OS

This post is related to LateX – A document preparation system / or a Document MarkUp Language.

Latex is widely recognised and used all over the Globe, for Document Preparation systems, and on journal sites such as IEEE,ACM etc.. But using LateX on a Linux System is a tough task, as the compiler,the IDE, and the tools required for creating Latex come differently and need to be installed individually, which is quite troublesome :( hence, we use a tool called TiCTeX created by TechApple.NetFeatures of TiCTeX LateX

All in one Bundle Package for creating Latex Documents, comes with inbuilt TexMaker IDE,Latex Compiler and inbuilt PDF Viewer.
Moreover We At TopLinuxApps.com have made it Portable so simply no need of installing any other App, just download the .run file from TopLinuxApps chmod a+x to it and yo! you are ready to Use LateX on your System.

Click here to Download Portable TiCTeX LateX for LinuX from Sourceforge!

How to run the TicTex.run file downloaded from TopLinuxApps..?

Ans. Just right click on the .run file , go to properties and checkmark  the allow program to be run as Executable Option and click on ok! that’s it :)
If you have any problems you can visit the following guide for details..
How to run .run files downloaded from TopLinuxApps.com

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